We are heading into Accrington and Rossendale College on Tuesday 23rd March to kick start our tour. The company is very excited to see ‘Tunnel Vision’ getting very close to completion, and are very much looking forward to performing the show.

We had our technical rehearsal on Friday which went well. We feel the lighting we have is basic but very effective for what we want to show. Lots of white and steel blue to add a clinical feel to the post natal and doctors scenes. Also blues for colder scenes and reds for the panic attack scene. We also get a nice pulsing club effect for the final scene using placards. And finally our comedian spot light, which we see 3 times throughout the show. Other technical aspects include our rolling boxes, large voile projection area and the projector of course. Lol

We had to say good bye to our mentor Jemma from Paper Birds Theatre Company last week, below is a small video about her role on ReFraction Theatre and comments on ‘Tunnel Vision’

Remember that we have tickets available for Bradford Playhouse 9th April 8pm tickets at the box office –office@bradfordplayhouse.co.uk

 University Campus Oldham 12th April 2 & 6pm – miltonboxoffice@hud.ac.uk

Huddersfield Festival – 29th April & 1st May – miltonboxoffice@hud.ac.uk

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