Refraction Theatre have been handed the first two of their rolling boxes. We will have three boxes that will act as set to roll quickly in and out of the playing space. The boxes are three different sizes, and will be eventually painted white to give them a clinical look. This clinical look is a style choice that all the company agreed would add a simply yet effective statement to the piece.

We recognised the feeling about hospital and doctors, and how a lot of people don’t like to visit such places. There is always the a ‘smell’ to them also, cleaning products / TCP smell; so we thought the colour white would represent these aesthetic nicely. The costume will also be all white, in keeping with this theme.

Plus we are using projections and video throughout the show and white will give a clear view of the footage.
The video below is a little video from some of the refraction gang, to show you just some of the ways the boxes work. I think you’ll agree that there’s some fun to be had with them!!!

Obviously you will have to stay tuned to the blog to see how they look when there finished and see the ways we incorporate them into Tunnel Vision.


Also you we have some dates for the tour. VERY EXCITING
You can catch us at;
Bradford Playhouse – 9th April 8pm – 01274 820 666
University Campus Oldham – 12th April 2pm & 6pm –
The University of Huddersfield Festival – 29th April 8:45 1st May 5:15 –
Please contact the venues directly to book tickets on the above emails and phone number.

We are heading into an intensive 3 day rehearsal over the next week, full days with the aim of our first full run through of the show wednesday; keep checking for new pics and videos over the next week and some live streaming from ReFraction Theatre.

Please comment and get in touch
Paul – @performeradams