We had a busy week, last week; production meetings almost every day to make big decisions for Tunnel Vision and ReFraction Theatre.  We have looked at set design, posters and booking venues for the tour. We also had Jemma from PaperBirds Theatre Company on hand to look over our material so far and give some pointers and artistic guidance.

Lucas is developing a stand up routine that looks at the down fall of a comic’s troubled life.  Angela has developed a scene that takes on the difficulties associated with post natal depression, and Ben is busy writing a scene which will help the structure of  the show with a very down beaten doctor fed up of ‘his’ life. (Ironically)

Over the next few weeks I will give an update of these scenes, and get responses from the cast members to share with you the reader.

The video below is a rehearsal shot of Abi, who is working with the diagnosis of Bi- Polar, and the effects that it has on people who are affected.  She has been working with the extremes that are present in the condition; with manic highs and very depressed lows.  Abi is working to create a character that shows someone who goes through an emotional separation, resulting in the start of Bi-Polar.  The scarf in the scene below, is used as stimulus to represent the source of upset.

Further down the page is a selection of pictures. Throughout the slide show you will see two scenes that are under development by the cast with placards used in one scene, devised by Paul Bowles.  This scene has been created for two reasons, the first being the use of placards artistically; the second is the message.  The message shows how every day, people are suffering in silence with a variety of issues and problems, some severe and others only minor.  The scene allows the audience to read each characters story while having disturbing facts dropped in, and thoughts from deep inside their minds shown to you.

The other scene is a devised movement piece by me and Alex.  We are working on the issue of addiction with movement, and are developing ways to portray the fight of addiction.  For the moment the scene is centred on a bottle; used as stimuli to choreograph and create an initial story.  For the future we may remove the bottle, or substitute it for another prop if necessary.

I will put some video up online later this week showing more work and scene development.  Please feel free to comment on this blog, and ask any questions you may have.  The company will answer and discuss any questions you may have.  

Thanks for reading and watching

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